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Larkana Jalsa: PTI attracts huge crowd

Larkana Jalsa

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf held its Larkana Jalsa today amid incumbent PPP’s severe opposition where the party passed a resolution against Imran Khan from Sindh assembly just two days ago. Larkana has been PPP’s stronghold since the party’s initial days, but according to different analysts that reality is going to change from today’s successful rally of PTI.

Imran Khan, while talking to the rally thanked the people of Larkana for giving him a warm welcome. “I am glad that we are holding this rally in the open fields as no other area could contain such a large number of people”.

Imran Khan promised the people of Sindh that he will never allow Sindh to be divided.

On another important issue of KalaBagh dam, he said that no dam will be built unless there is a consensus on this issue. “I am aware that the people of Sindh fear that if Kalabagh dam was built, their share of water will be stolen”, he said.

Imran Khan said that after coming into power, PTI will ensure equal rights to all minorities. “I feel ashamed to know that our Hindu brothers are migrating to India”, he said.

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