Jamshed Dasti Back ON!

Jamshed Dasti ReleasedJamshed Dasti has been released from jail today. Yesterday his three year jail term had been declared null and void by the Lahore High Court Multan bench because no evidence was submitted and no witnesses appeared before court.

Different sources now say that Dasti has become eligible to contest the upcoming general elections. However, it is unclear as to how is this going to be possible as Mr. Dasti had himself confessed during the Supreme Court proceedings that he possessed a fake bachelor’s degree. The decision of the LHC to acquit him is also being criticized because there was no need of further evidence or witnesses as he himself had confessed to having a fake degree.

The lawyer of Jamshed Dasti was of the view that Dasti can now contest the elections without any problem. He said that because LHC has declared the earlier decision of the lower court null and void, Mr Dasti has now a clean chit to contest the general elections.

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