Is Prince William having too much fun?

File photo of Prince William. (Alastair Grant / AP)

Amid press reports and editorials of the 34-year-old future King of England playing much more than working, BBC has listed the total hours of work for Prince William. Among highlights in the press of which royal events the prince declined to attend a celebrated church service, where his wife and entire family were present whilst he happily skied and partied with friends in Verbier.

Dubbing him “workshy”, the UK is pointing its historical finger at the young father for dismissing both his duty and his relationship with the press themselves.

Famously relying on social media rather than the well-trod paths to conventional media has made Prince William a feature for those who report by the mere glimpses of his daily activities.

Though he continues his work as a helicopter pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance service 20 hours per week, BBC reports his royal Highness clocked in 34 days out of a possible 53 days so far in 2017, and his father worked twice the number the days in 2016 as his eldest son.

This fall, Prince William will join the senior ranks of the Monarchy, leaving his duties as an emergency pilot to take on royal duties full time. One only hopes he’ll still have time for fun since his young growing family must take much of down time even now.

As for the press, William may be in line behind his beloved mother whose attempts to avoid them is well documented. Surely no one can blame the young man for avoiding the plague of reporters who follow him relentlessly.

But when left to the infamous, headline slinging UK paparazzi, they will surely blame him for something. Even if it is just for being a bit too “lazy”.

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