In The Line of Fire: A Review by Nimra Khalid

File photo of former President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf.

In the lion of fire, is a memoir written by a very the Ex president of Pakistan Pervaiz Musharraf and was
first published on September 25, 2006 while he was in office. The book is collection of Musharraf’s memories and about the contemporary development of country at the time.

Pervez Musharraf takes on an important but the world’s most dangerous job and many times came within inches of imminent death because he executed about 670 members of Al-Qaida. Apart from all this, he describes how he is witness to the violent birth of Pakistan and how his life moved parallel to the progress of country.

This memoir consists of Musharraf’s rise to power, and the association with important national and international issues. He also talks about his background, childhood, and his service in Pakistan army. This memoir also underlines some international policies which have direct association with Musharraf.

This book presents the first hand view of wars (1965 and 1971) against neighboring country, India. He describes how India kept on violating rules and cross line of control even on smaller issues which initiated the bloodshed of these two wars.

The memoir also describes how former prime minister Nawaz Sharif unceremoniously tried to depose Musharraf, then Chief of Army Staff at the time, by disregarding all rules and without taking Army into confidence.

The most highlighting part of this book is the narration of 9/11 incident . At that time Pakistan was under immense pressure, and was among on the top of those Islamic countries who suffered the consequences of that dreadful incident. He describes how he strived hard for the survival of Pakistan’s political career and resolved all the issue wisely which clearly revealed his military mindset.

He also unfolds the Kargil conflict (1999) and presents the solution for Kashmir’s dispute. All these events were presented for the very first time in front of public.

He discloses details about the operation of Abdul Qadeer Khan concerning details about what government knew about it.

In the lion of fire served as a true eye opener for the reality of Pakistan and Islam before the world. The most notable part of this book is its forte to present the efforts of Pakistan in the elimination of terrorism. The book however focused more on issue, terrorism. It did not explain the motives and desires of Al-Qaida completely rather it focused more on the tactics of Pak Army in elimination of terrorism.

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