From Watches to SmartWatches  

iWatch SmartWatch

Apple recently launched the first SmartWatch called iWatch, characterized as the most advanced watch ever created, according to Tim Cook, Apple’s director. However, what is SmartWatch and when did the first prototypes came out, are some questions that cross the mind of people and must be answered.

History of smart clocks can be traced back to 1982. Pulsar was the first watch with memory and the ability to display 24 characters. The 80s also marked the emergence of Casio which allowed people to play games.

However, 2012 marked the first appearance of a true smart watch called, Pebble. It has a 1.26 inch screen with resolution 144 × 168 and is controlled by means of side buttons. The clock has 128KB / 4MB memory and is generously sized compared to future similar products: 62 × 36 × 11 mm.

The clock can connect to the phone to synchronize email, SMS messages, and alerts received on Facebook and Twitter.

The Pebble fetched the company 10.3 million dollars in just one month in 2012. By the end of 2014, over one million Pebble SmartWatches were sold throughout the world.

On the other hand, Google entered the smart watches market in 2014 with Android Wear, which can closely connect to an Android-based smartphone in the pocket. It can simplify certain aspects of everyday use of the phone for example, it can read incoming messages in real time on WhatsApp, analyze physical activity or access different applications by voice command.

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