Excuses, Excuses Everywhere!

Dear diary, have you heard about the most difficult profession? Yes, it’s medical! And I am a student of it in the 2nd year of BDS. Not that I am boasting or anything, I just wanted to write a confession.

Why do people make up lame excuses? The other day, I called up my friend to ask her for a meetup. She agreed at first but later denied to meet. Reason? She was too busy in her studies.

Note: She is studying arts, becoming a fashion designer.

Case no. 2: Another friend cancelled our meet up plans. Why? She was too busy studying. What? Economics! At first, I agreed to postpone the plans but every time I would ask her, she would make up lame excuses about studies.

Case no. 3: One of my friend only studies at an academy. She refuses to meet. Because, well? Her academy! The timings! The studies!

Case no 4: The other day I and my friend went out. We met someone there who was asking about our hobbies. At first she asked me. I told her that I like to write in my free time. When she asked my friend if she likes to write too, her answer was an eye-opener for me. She said she didn’t get free time. You would not believe that she is still in A-levels and has not even started her university! I was speechless to hear her say it!

“The worst case of all”: One of my really close friend stopped talking to me. On asking, she told me her university routine is so busy that she hardly gets time to even talk to her family. Since she was a close friend, at first I got annoyed but then I stopped talking to her too as I thought she would actually be busy. Just when I stopped, she started throwing tantrums because I was not talking to her. You want to know what she is doing. BBA. A person doing BBA does not get time for their family. Ever heard of that?

My friends have subjects like Arts, Economics, Accounting, Business, Sciences, Engineering, English while mine is medical. They do not get free time. However, I would be there for them. Even if they ask me just for hang out, I would make myself available. Because you get this life once! Why spend it away from your friends and family making excuses? Why not enjoy the moment so that you would not regret it afterwards?

Sometimes, I am forced to think that the career of medical is of no use and so easy. Only because of the way my friends act. Sometimes, I even get embarrassed that a medical student finds time for people and other fun stuff to do while an arts student is busy with studies. Sometimes, it feels as if they are the ones doing the difficult career and mine is the easiest.

Today, I went to a medical camp, checked almost 200 children within 5 hours non-stop and came home tired. The first thing I did as I reached home was reply to my friend saying, “sure, I am free now you can come over if you want to.”

Diary, you can imagine my state after that camp but since I had promised my friend yesterday that we can meet tomorrow, I had to keep that promise. The day before, I did not even know what a hectic routine it would be the following day.

The other day, I was reading a post about life. It was that a guy texted his wife that I got your missed call. I was in a meeting. You know busy with work. Was anything important? The wife replies back, oh nothing much I just wanted to tell you that your father passed away today who was admitted in the hospital for the last 5 days.

Why do people complicate life so much? Why not just live life to the fullest with work and fun kept along side?

Excuses exist everywhere! I wish they would just end!


A frustrated medical student

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