Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho: A Story of Love, Pain, Passion, and Hope

Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian free soul, has written a lot of novels, some of his books have no match. He is best known for his novel Alchemist whose millions of copies are still being published and sold. Coelho’s numerous fans have stated that his books were life changing for them. People love his tales and always wait for his new publications. He takes his readers and gives them the hidden treasure in his words.

Eleven Minutes is like an emotional roller coaster u can’t get off! Love, pain, passion, independence, determination, romance, sex, hopelessness and selflessness, are the creams of 11 Minutes.

Marie a young, virgin, beautiful Brazilian enlightened girl found in her teens that love has no place in her life. She moved to Europe from Rio de Janeiro to become a Samba dancer. She ended up becoming a prostitute. She found that 11 minutes are very special in her life and are life changing for her.

She found her first love at the age of 11 and the sex time to be 11 minutes and hence she learned how to cash in on these 11 minutes. Marie story continues with meetings with her clients and their different behaviors and she learned pain in pleasure with a special client Terence. However, she continued collecting money to make a way to her dreams.

Increasing bank balance, saving her soul and her love she continued with her journey. Marie was living this way until a Painter Ralf Hart threw a pebble in the water. Marie found herself in love with the painter. She used to deny it but at the end she just knew it that without love a soul cannot survive.

Hart knew how to pull the string of Marie’s heart. Together they enjoyed each other’s company and Marie helped Ralf enjoy life and sex again. However, deep in her heart she knew that they both were from different worlds. Marie quit her profession and went back to Brazil to her family and to start again with her simple life. She found Ralf standing in her way to Brazil and Marie and Ralf together started a new journey.

The book is bold and mesmerizing. One can not take one’s eyes off this book till the last page. It is very catchy and at the end, Coelho leaves us think if it is us who have chosen our lives or is it fate that is deciding it for us?

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